Monday, February 13, 2012

Meet Little Mister

Hello Everyone!
I know that my posts are few and far between but this time I have a really good excuse. Meet Little Mister. This is out little man, Henry. He is the sweetest thing that could have happened to our life.
So let's be honest. My attitude during pregnancy was... not ideal. It wasn't that I wasn't excited to have a baby and become a mother. It was more that I felt blah and withdrew myself from my world. It was hard for me (and definitely for Mitch) but we got through it and now I am feeling like myself again and would like to share with you cute little things about our little boy.
After 26 hours of labor, the last 4 hours were pushing Henry was a stubborn little man and would not come on his own. So after all of that we were told that I would need a C-section. Honestly it was a little disheartening after all that work, but when you are that exhausted you really don't care. Henry was born on Dec 14 at 5:17 pm and weighed 7 lbs 11 oz. He has TONS of hair and can already hold his head up. He's such a strong little boy. We had quite a long stay in the hospital which was nice because we were able to get the hang of things with the help of a wonderful medical staff before we took Henry home. And we ended up there an extra day because he was jaundiced and needed to lights to get his biliruben levels down. But after that we were able to come home and figure things out together. Mitch happened to be on Winter break and helped out SO much! After having the C-section I couldn't do much. In fact I bet it was almost two weeks before I changed a diaper.
Recovering from the C-section took me about 6 weeks. Learning about our little man took almost as long. Disclaimer: We are still learning! Luckily we had some great advice from a dear friend about how to get Henry on a schedule. Once we did that it has changed everything. We are able to get things done and have some time to ourselves. Also it has our little man so happy to have a schedule and helps us look like we know what we are doing.
My favorite thing about Henry is his LONG feet. Seriously this kid will take after Mitch in height. (and now that he's growing up and getting 'thick', as I call it, Mitch is hoping for another Offensive Lineman. :)
One of the coolest things is to watch Mitch with Henry. Not only does he love him but Henry responds so well to Mitch. Mitch tickles him and Henry smiles, laughs and coos. Henry follows Mitch with his eyes ALL the time. He loves his Daddy so much! Henry has the biggest smiles. When I can catch one on film I will post it. He is staying awake much more and being more interactive with us.
Being a mom is one of the coolest things I have ever done and I would do anything for our little man. I am so grateful that he is here and is healthy. I am also SO incredibly thankful for a wonderful husband who is supportive and so incredibly helpful. I love my boys SO much!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Baby Update

Hey everyone! I know it has been such a long time since we've logged in. It's been a busy couple of months! Not only has football season started but we have ran a few races, moved into a new house and found out WE'RE EXPECTING!!
Most of you already know these things but I thought we should catch up online to make it all official. :)
So back in April, Mitch and I celebrated our 1st Anniversary! We spent the weekend in California with 11 of our closest friends and ran the SoCal Ragnar! We went to Disneyland, California Adventure and Ruby's Diner. We had an incredible time with everyone as we tried our best to keep our secret.
Let's back up 1 week. April 7th I woke up and had been dreaming all night off and on that I had taken a pregnancy test. Once it said positive the next negative. So I went to take a test (because I'd never dreamed like that) and it said 'Pregnant'! I walked into the other room and motioned for Mitch to follow me. He followed me into the bathroom, saw the test and said, 'Could it be wrong?' I did a little research and found out it could not. So we were expecting!! (We were wanting to start a family, it just caught us off guard as it happened SO quickly)
So back in California as we started getting ready for the race we came up with all these gameplans on how to keep it a secret. Like if I got hungry, Mitch would take the spotlight as if he were starving. Luckily when running a race like that eating and drinking a lot are not a problem. And when we went to Disneyland we let my sister in on the secret. We needed an ally so that Mitch, who LOVES Disneyland and everyone knows it, could ride all the rides without suspicion while my sister and I ran off to ride a kiddy ride that was pregnant women appropriate. So thank you Anna for being such a good sport!

Now for baby details. So we are expecting a baby boy for this coming December!! So after every appt I assure Mitch that it is indeed a boy. We went through our first appt's the Dr kept saying, 'It looks like a girl.' Then we went and saw Emily Graham who works for Fetal Fotos and paid for an extra ultrasound. The whole way there Mitch kept saying, 'I can't believe we are paying to know what we already know.' convinced that we were having a girl. Emily tried and tried to get the baby to move to a good position and he is stubborn! But after about 20 minutes our little baby finally moved to a good position. She paused the screen and said, 'Are you ready to find out?' At this point I was super nervous and, not going to lie, started sweating but answered, 'yes.' Then she announced, 'It's a BOY!' Ha ha! I was laughing and Mitch stared in unbelief. It was pretty hilarious. We finally got through the shock of it and now are just enjoying pregnancy.
We have been super fortunate. From our appt's we have found out that: 1. It is a boy 2. From all the tests he is healthy 3. My body is handling it well 4. His head, abdomen and legs are all measuring in the higher 90th percentile. So to wrap it up we will have a baby that takes after Mitch. :)

Now a little more on the latest in our lives. Football season is in full swing. Every Friday night we are out supporting the Syracuse Titans! They are doing well this season. We've had one loss but will be fighting back hard this week. Every Saturday we look forward to the Utah Utes games. Loving what they are doing with their season and getting super excited to go to the alumni game together. Sitting together at the Alumni game will be the 2nd time I get to sit next to Mitch for a love game. I am looking forward to it! Then our Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays we are constantly flipping back and forth through the channels to catch some NFL games. So if you need the latest updates on what's going on, let us know!

In August Mitch's brother and sister in law finally got to meet their little bundle of joy!! They welcomed Audrey Lee Arquette into the world. She is absolutely adorable and so much fun! Also she is the best baby ever. We are hoping that they didn't take all the good baby genes because we have one coming next. But Congratulations to Talon and Rochelle!

The last of the big news that we have is that we moved into our first home! It is wonderful! We are loving having our own place and the neighbors that we have are incredible. We definitely lucked out. I am getting some photos together of our new place as we get things set into place. A quick shout out to Cindy Arquette for getting all of our painting done. She came in and got it done for us so I didn't have to be around the fumes. So thank you!! We are getting our nursery into place and I will post some pictures as we get that done.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Photos, photos, photos...

As I posted for Mitch, football has been a huge part of our lives lately. A big part of my life lately has been photography. I am learning the ropes and I'm super appreciative for all of the opportunities I am receiving. So here are a few of my favorite engagements and bridals for a couple (whom I LOVE dearly) that were recently married.
This is Jake and Sierra. Jake was in our student ward at the U. He found the love of his life and were married on Oct 14. We are so happy for them!

I also shot their wedding. It was a blast! Not only was the bride gorgeous and the groom handsome, the weather was beautiful and we were surrounded by their amazing families and friends. Thank you for letting us be a part of your big day!

As of lately...

Oh my! So lately Mitch and I have been up to so much! Titan football takes a lot of our time. Mitch is still coaching and loving every minute of it. Tonight will be our last game of the season and then we're off to playoffs. Any of you that have been to a game have seen these emotions on Mitch's face. For those of you that haven't been (you should most definitely come) but here is what you see. :)
There are a few faces that are missing here. One of him giving instructions to players, and the other of him yelling, using a stern voice if you will. Football is one thing I love about Mitch. He knows the game inside and out. Granted I don't know a lot, but he can make calls before the officials and he studies every play. Football has made Mitch who he is today and we are extremely grateful for our experiences with it.

So thank you to all of you who have come out to support Mitch at the games. It is very much appreciated. And those of you that have missed out this season, don't you worry. There will be several more seasons where you can catch a game.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A sneak peak of my nieces......

So I took my nieces out for a little photo shoot. They are ADORABLE!!!! Thank you to Diane for letting me take their photos. Here are just a few until I can get some more done.
Liberty is 3 years old and Adelynne is 1.
They are the cutest girls that I know!

Thank you family! Thank you for being so supportive and for trusting me to take your photos. Much love!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yellowstone National Park

The Wonders of Yellowstone
pictures taken by: Mitch or Trissy Arquette :)

A few weeks ago Mitch and I decided to make one last summer trip before football season started. It was a much needed trip and ended up being exactly what we needed. We stayed at Mack Inn in Island Park, right on the river front. It was absolutely beautiful!!! Our favorite part was that there was no TV or radio. We ended up playing cards a lot. Mitch taught me how to play Gin. It was awesome!! We ended up about equal with each other in wins and losses. :) (although Mitch may tell you differently)

Mitch's goal was to see some buffalo. And that we did!! This one above this was RIGHT off the trail!! The ones below this were across a river and right next to this mudpot. Seriously they just hung out and sat right by it as it bubbled. SO COOL!!

Mitch took this photo of the buffalo and it's one of my favorites!! I think it is so majestic! It had just rolled around in the dirt and was getting up.

We had to set the self timer but we got the shot. This is inside our motel room at Mack's Inn. We will definitely be going back next year!

Mitch caught up on a bit of reading. Isn't he so handsome chilling out on the porch?

This is Mitch's favorite photo from the trip. This was just outside our front door and the Inn. The river was gorgeous. Slow moving and so calming.

Some of the next photos are pictures from all over the park. They are the ones that I liked the most, so I decided to post them. If you haven't been to Yellowstone, I recommend that you go. Not only is it gorgeous, but the animals are incredible and it's so fun to see God's creations in the way they were created. Also it is SO mysterious!! And very fun to learn about..

This picture was taken by a fellow tourist at the 'Grand Canyon of Yellowstone'
Thank you fellow tourist!

Mitch's 'Captain Morgan' pose :)

'The Moose' has been the most talked about part of our trip!! This bull moose walked right in between our cabins! I was in the shower and Mitch came running in asking for the camera. This moose came walking right through camp and we had to get some pictures. It was SO amazing!! I hurried out and made sure that Mitch got some pictures with 'The Moose'.

To end our story. Yellowstone was incredible! Everything was beautiful, the weather was perfect and we were surrounded by this great earth. So to end I will share a tidbit of wisdom that Mitch and I both learned on this trip. Yellowstone was named because of the 'Yellow' Stone. The rocks have a yellow tint to them and when the mountain men explored it that's what they named it. Simple yet true.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My first bridals.....

Arianne is GORGEOUS!!! She was SO fun to shoot and made it a breeze!
Thank you Arianne for letting me try my skills out on you!

It was very difficult to choose which to post, but here's what I came up with.

She is a great sport. I couldn't shake that I wanted a book in some photos.

A few more of my favorites.....

We couldn't avoid the red door.
I mean seriously. How could you?

Congratulations Arianne on your engagement! Can't wait for the wedding day!!